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Xiaomi, a prominent smartphone manufacturer, offers various software versions for its devices to cater to different international markets. This article aims to outline the primary differences between the Chinese, Chinese Global ROM, Indian, and Global versions of Xiaomi's software, helping users make an informed decision when purchasing a Xiaomi smartphone.


  1. Chinese Version

The Chinese version is specifically designed for the China Mainland market, offering tailored features and services for the region. Key differences include:

  • Language Support: The Chinese version supports Chinese and English languages.
  • Apps and Services: This version comes with pre-installed apps for the China region. While Google apps are not pre-installed, users can still install them if desired.


  1. Chinese Global ROM

The Chinese Global ROM is essentially a Chinese version device with Global version software installed by the reseller. Some distinctions of this version are:

  • Compatibility: It becomes similar to the Global version but usually has an unlocked bootloader.
  • NFC Payment Limitations: Due to the unlocked bootloader, Chinese Global ROM devices may not support NFC payment software like Google Pay and Mi Pay.


  1. Indian Version

The Indian version is a variant of the Global version, specifically designed for the Indian market. Key differences include:

  • Language Support: This version offers multi-language support, including English and Indian languages.
  • Apps and Services: It comes with all Google services pre-installed and features some pre-installed Indian region apps.
  • Cost and Technical Features: The Indian version is usually more affordable and may have differences in technical features such as the lack of NFC or eSIM support.


  1. Global Version

The Global version encompasses multiple regional variants (e.g., UK, FR, RU, US, DE, PK, IN, etc.), providing a more universal experience for users worldwide. Key features include:

  • Language Support: The Global version supports all languages, catering to users from different countries.
  • Apps and Services: All Google services are pre-installed, offering seamless integration with the Android ecosystem.


Understanding the differences between Xiaomi's various software versions is crucial for consumers when purchasing a Xiaomi device. The Chinese version is designed for the China Mainland market, while the Chinese Global ROM offers a modified experience for international users. The Indian version caters specifically to the Indian market with tailored apps and services, and the Global version provides a more standardized experience for users worldwide. By being aware of these differences, users can choose the version that best aligns with their needs and preferences.


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