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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 light gray

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3Elevate your ride
Travels up to 30 kilometers.Adequate electrical power
25 km/hMaximum speed
Maximum 600WPowerful motor
Rear dual-pad disc brake upgradeMore secure and reliable
3-step folding design -> Three-step folding mechanismEnhanced storage for added convenience
Aluminum body made to aerospace standardsLight and sturdy
Enhancing performance to improve your riding experience.
Increased power output with a maximum of 600 watts.The scooter can achieve speeds up to 25km/h and can handle slopes with a 16% incline. Move forward with ease using a gentle touch on the accelerator.
30 kilometers extended rangeThe kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) recovers energy from braking and coasting, converting it into electrical energy to enhance travel range. Easily navigate wide streets and narrow lanes while appreciating the picturesque views.
Switch easily between three speed modes.Press the power button twice to toggle among three modes: use "S" for faster speeds during commutes, "D" for leisurely park rides, and activate pedestrian mode for crowded areas. The speed modes have been safety-tested by TÜV Rheinland* per EN17128 standards.
Pedestrian mode
0-5 km/h
Standard mode
0-20 km/h
Sport mode
0-25 km/h
Improved and longer-lasting batteryWhen the battery falls below 30% and the scooter remains inactive for approximately 10 consecutive days, it will go into sleep mode to prolong its lifespan. Furthermore, the BMS 5th Generation Intelligent Battery Management System will ensure the safety of your battery.
Protection against short circuits
Protection against excessive current.
Enhanced protection against overcharging
Enhanced protection against over-discharging
Temperature control
Autosleep protection for undervoltage
More secure and thoughtful
Protection with a three-sided reflectorIn addition to the LED rear warning light, the scooter also includes a large front reflector light and bidirectional side reflectors for safety.
Enhanced rear dual-pad disc brake for increased stability
The dual-pad disc brake provides effective braking for rapid response and extends the lifespan of brake pads, enhancing safety during rides.
Quickly fold in 3 simple steps.Innovative folding design assessed by TÜV Rheinland* (per EN17128) for a sleek look, easy storage, and enhanced stability.
Step 1.Fasten the connecting buckle
Step 2.Re-lift the buckle and apply pressure downwards.
Step 3.Fold it together
Durable without sacrificing light weight.The frame is constructed from a strong Series 6 aluminum alloy commonly used in aviation, and features pneumatic tires for added comfort. It weighs just 13 kg, making it easy to transport during travel.
A design that must be highlighted
Optimized low-profile and customized color paletteIts vibrant appearance enriches your life no matter where you go, adding beauty and breaking the monotony.
Gravity Gray
Onyx Black
New unified display without any divisions.The once divided display areas have been consolidated into a cohesive, streamlined, and visually cohesive whole.
Sleek design and thoughtful securityThe integrated design language extends to the soft fender, which serves to prevent accidents from mishandling, block dust, and facilitate easier cleaning.
Xiaomi Home appThe Mi Home app allows you to perform tasks like firmware upgrades and locking/unlocking scooters via Bluetooth. You can also access riding data and adjust personalized settings whenever needed.
Travel statistics
Energy recovery
Firmware upgrades
Notes:Tested under specific conditions: 75 kg load, 25℃ temperature, no wind on a flat road in Economy Mode (ECO) at a steady speed of 15 km/h when fully charged. Battery life may differ based on various factors such as temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions, usage patterns, and more.TÜV Rheinland has assessed the security and speed safety features of the folding mechanism in compliance with EN 17128:2020 standards.When the battery goes into sleep mode, your scooter won't turn on. To wake it up, charge the battery for three seconds.Data sourced from Ninebot Labs. Variations in real-world performance may result from shifts in objective circumstances.Before buying a Mi Electric Scooter, make sure to understand the applicable laws, regulations, and safety measures. When using the scooter, be sure to comply with local laws and regulations.Both the old Mi Logo and the new Mi Logo are trademarks owned by Xiaomi Inc.The availability of the gray color may differ depending on the region.

Product model numberDDHBC16NEB
Max. speed25km/h (Max speed for each mode: Pedestrian mode: 5km/h; D: 20km/h; S: 25km/h)
Weight: 13.2kg
Gradeability: 16%
Brakinge: ABS + rear dual-pad disc brake
Rated power: 300W
Max. power: 600W
Tires 8.5" front and rear pneumatic tires

Controller under voltage protection29V ± 0.5V
Controller current limit 17A ± 0.5A
Motor type: Brushless DC motor
Max. load: 100kg
Rider height: 120cm-200cm
Rider age:Age 18-50
Working temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C
Storage temperature: -20°C ~ 45°C
IP-rating: IP54
Charging time: 5.5 hours
Battery model: NE1003-HRated capacity7650mAh/ 275WhRated voltage36VDC

Maximum chargingvoltage 42VDC

Charging temperature range 0°C ~ + 40°C

Discharge temperature range -20°C~ + 50°C
Battery weight: 1.6kg
Cyclical lifetime: 500 charging cycles with power maintained above 70%
Output power 71W
Input curren t2A
Max Output current 1.7
AInput voltage: 100-240VAC
Max Output voltage: 42VDCDC cable length 2m
DC cable port type: Custom Φ8.0 x 1.6mm
Package Contents: Mi Electric Scooter 3 x 1Power adapter x 1T-share Allen Wrench x 1Extended nozzle adapter x 1Screws x 5Tire x 1User manual Important information Specifications

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