Return Policy

Eligibility for Returns:

  1. Products must be in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed.
  2. Returns for used or opened products with removed original seals will be denied and sent back to the customer.
  3. For items with warranty tags, customers must contact the seller/manufacturer service center directly, as Miae.Trade does not accept returns for these products.
  4. Products are considered eligible for return only after the customer receives confirmation from Miae.Trade.

Return Window: Miae.Trade provides a fifteen (15) day return window from the date the shipment is received, unless otherwise specified.

Return Request Processing: Once a return is initiated, the product may take up to a week to reach our facility, depending on the customer's location. After arrival at our fulfillment center, please allow up to two (2) business days for us to process the return. Refunds may take between seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days to be credited to the customer's credit card or wallet if the payment was made in cash. Refund eligibility depends on the condition of the returned product.

General Return Conditions:

Miae.Trade reserves the right to deny a return and send the product back to the customer if it does not meet our guidelines or conditions. Customers will not receive a refund for ineligible returns. If a return request is declined, and the product is within the Miae.Trade domain, we will attempt delivery back to the customer twice. If both attempts are unsuccessful, the product will be held in our delivery hub for five (5) business days. The customer may request another delivery attempt by contacting our customer care team within three (3) business days of the last notified attempt. If the request is made within the specified time frame, we will arrange the final delivery attempt within two (2) business days. If no request is made, the item will be liquidated, and the customer will not be able to request delivery again. Each delivery attempt costs 30 AED. If the product originally had free delivery, a 30 AED fee must be paid to compensate for the return delivery.

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