Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum X10+ Plus (Auto-empty station) Global

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Roborock Robot vacuum G10 with Auto wash station

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro Global Black Global

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2


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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum E10C

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Roborock Robot vacuum G10S


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1 Year warranty
Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Black Global

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1 Year warranty

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RoboRock Vacuum S7MaxV+ Black Global

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Roborock Vacuum S8  White


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Dreame W10 - robot vacuum cleaner White Global

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Roborock Robot vacuum S7+ PLus White

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1 Year warranty
RoboRock Vacuum S7MaxV Black Global


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1 Year warranty
Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum-mop 2 Ultra Set (+Dust collector)

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Roborock Q7 MaxV Plus Black + Self-emptying base

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Roborock Q7+ Plus Vacuum Cleaner

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1 Year warranty
Roborock Q7 MaxV Plus White + Self-emptying base

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1 month warranty
Xiaomi Mi viomi robot vacuum S9 dust box
1 Year warranty
Roborock S7 White


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A Spotless Future: Xiaomi and Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaners with Self-Cleaning and Filling Stations


In today's fast-paced world, time is a valuable commodity. The convenience of automated home appliances has become increasingly desirable as people look to save time and effort on household chores. Xiaomi and Roborock are two leading brands offering advanced robotic vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning and filling stations, providing an efficient and convenient solution for busy families. In this article, we will explore the benefits of these innovative vacuum cleaners and how they can help save time and make life easier for everyone.

Transforming Home Cleaning with Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Xiaomi and Roborock have revolutionized home cleaning with their range of robotic vacuum cleaners. These intelligent devices are equipped with advanced features such as:

  1. Smart navigation: Xiaomi and Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners use advanced navigation technology, including LiDAR sensors and SLAM algorithms, to map and navigate your home with precision. This ensures thorough cleaning coverage while avoiding obstacles and preventing damage to furniture.

  2. Powerful suction: These vacuum cleaners are designed with powerful motors that deliver strong suction, effectively removing dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles.

  3. App control: Both Xiaomi and Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners can be controlled and monitored via smartphone apps, allowing you to set cleaning schedules, monitor progress, and customize cleaning preferences from anywhere, anytime.

  4. Multi-surface cleaning: With their versatile designs and specialized cleaning attachments, these robotic vacuum cleaners can seamlessly transition between different surfaces, ensuring that your entire home is spotless.

The Game-Changer: Self-Cleaning and Filling Stations

The self-cleaning and filling stations featured in some Xiaomi and Roborock models elevate the convenience of robotic vacuum cleaners to a new level. These stations offer the following advantages:

  1. Automatic dirt disposal: The vacuum cleaner automatically empties its dustbin into the self-cleaning station after each cleaning session, reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring a consistently clean home.

  2. Bagged disposal system: The self-cleaning stations use a bagged disposal system that traps dust and allergens, preventing them from re-entering the air and maintaining a healthy living environment.

  3. Self-filling functionality: Some models also include a self-filling feature for water tanks, ensuring that the robotic vacuum cleaner is always ready for mopping tasks without requiring manual refilling.

  4. Maintenance reminders: The smartphone app associated with these vacuum cleaners provides timely reminders for maintenance tasks such as filter replacements, ensuring that your device operates at peak efficiency.

Saving Time and Simplifying Life

By automating the cleaning process, Xiaomi and Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning and filling stations save families valuable time that can be spent on more enjoyable activities. The convenience of these devices also reduces stress and contributes to a more organized and clutter-free living space.

Affordability and Accessibility

While advanced home cleaning technology may seem out of reach for some, Xiaomi and Roborock have made a conscious effort to offer their robotic vacuum cleaners at competitive prices. This commitment to affordability ensures that more families can enjoy the benefits of these innovative devices and experience the convenience of automated home cleaning.


Xiaomi and Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning and filling stations provide a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. By automating the cleaning process and minimizing manual intervention, these devices save families time and simplify their daily lives. With their commitment to affordability and accessibility, Xiaomi and Roborock are bringing the future of home cleaning within reach for everyone.

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