Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra 16GB+1TB White CN

Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra 16GB+1TB White CN

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The new generation of professional imaging flagship
starts with light, constantly moving forward to explore the aesthetics of the times
and integrating advanced technologies, bringing mobile imaging to a new level.
With the blessing of powerful technological power, the strength has jumped in all dimensions and the experience has been further improved.Congruent depth micro-curved screen, Xiaomi Dragon Armor architecture, two-way satellite communicationGive you an extraordinary Ultra-level feeling
Leica All-Star Quad Camera
Leica Optics Summilux lens,
full focal range, large aperture,
one-inch stepless variable aperture main camera,
flagship dual telephoto,
native low distortion, ultra-wide angle,
full-link Leica creative experience
two-way satellite communications
Make and receive satellite calls and send and receive satellite messages
for more peace of mind in emergencies
Master portrait
PortraitLM large portrait model
realizes three-dimensional light and shadow, showing true depth of field
Master starts shooting
The film-like image quality and style
bring a film-level sense of layering.
Professional 2K super visual sense screen
with full depth and slightly curved design
3000nit peak brightness*
professional original color, same color for multiple devices
TÜV Rheinland triple eye protection certification
* When playing HDR content under strong light, the small window fires.
Xiaomi Dragon Armor Architecture
Integrated high-strength aluminum alloy middle frame with
Xiaomi Dragon Crystal glass, translucent and solid
Kona leather, wear-resistant and durable
IP68 dustproof and waterproof
Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3
dual-circuit annular cold pump cooling system
Powerful performance, completely transformed
camera, distributed independent heat dissipation,
more comfortable creation
Xiaomi Jinshajiang battery
5300mAh large capacity
Xiaomi ThePaper battery management system
90W Xiaomi ThePaper wired second charge
80W Xiaomi ThePaper wireless second charge
Xiaomi ThePaper OS

Create a "Full Ecosystem for People, Cars and Homes" operating system with a people-centered approach
Classic evolution, subtlety emerges one after another
Refreshed camera-like design
Pay close attention to details and constantly strive for change in simplicity. It presents a seamless grip and at the same time,
it is strengthened through many technologies, making its durability outstanding.
This is not only a sophisticated recording tool, but also your reliable creative partner.
Focus on details, worth a closer look
Xiaomi Dragon Armor architecture
adds hard power and doubles reliability
The crystallization of three core technologies brings more detailed and comprehensive protection, and
uses powerful technology to help you resist force majeure caused by accidents.
Strong body
The high-strength aluminum alloy frame is used
to wrap the back of the body
2 times*
Improved bending resistance
Xiaomi Longjing Glass
The screen glass is both clear and transparent
, strong and wear-resistant
10 times*
Improved fall resistance
New Konapei
Wear-resistant, yellowing-resistant, UV-resistant
, more resistant to dirt and dyeing
6 times*
Improved wear resistance
*The data comes from Xiaomi laboratory, and the test room temperature is about 25°C. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc.
* The 2x improvement in bending resistance is compared to the mid-frame structure of Xiaomi 14 Pro.
* The comparison object for the 10 times improvement in drop resistance is the screen material of Xiaomi 13 Ultra.
* The comparison object of the 6 times improvement in wear resistance is the back panel material of Xiaomi 13 Ultra.
The titanium special edition
is precision integrated and full of texture.
Sturdy titanium frame
Made of super strong aerospace-grade titanium alloy and high-strength aluminum alloy materials, and precision composite, it
not only brings comprehensive protection, but also has an outstanding feel.
Near Net Shape Metal Technology
Through metal powder injection, the middle frame is "one-piece molded", which
not only has a delicate appearance, but also has excellent internal pressure resistance.
Leica’s optical
level is fully displayed
one inch
Stepless variable aperture main camera
Sony's LYT-900 sensor
f/1.63 - f/4.0 stepless variable aperture
23mm equivalent focal length
3.2μm fusion large pixel
HyperOIS super optical image stabilization
Leica floating telephoto
floating focus lens group
f/1.8 Large aperture
75mm Equivalent focal length
10cm - ∞ Focusing distance
OIS Optical image stabilization
Leica ultra low distortion wide angle
50 million pixels
f/1.8 large aperture
12mm equivalent focal length
5cm super macro
Leica close-up telephoto
50 million pixels
f/2.5 Large aperture
120mm Equivalent focal length
30cm - ∞ Focusing distance
OIS Optical image stabilization
Leica All-Star Quad Camera with
Full Focal Range and Large Aperture
Leica Summilux optical system
lets in significantly more light
Continuously changing the innovative concept of mobile imaging, improving lens quality at the source, achieving
a combination and breakthrough of mechanical precision and optical precision, constantly expanding the boundaries of mobile optics,
retaining amazing detailed information for each frame of image, and bringing sufficient space for professional post-production.
high lens lens
ultra-low reflective optical coating
cycloolefin materials
Spin coating process
IR filter
inking technology
The image is real and layered
Rich details, delicate transitions, clear priorities, and clear distance and nearness
Leica main camera with
one-inch stepless aperture
The native 14EV high dynamic range and lower power consumption bring amazing tolerance.
Even the light and shadow details and color presentation at the transition between light and dark are preserved for you layer by layer, making the presentation
closer to what the naked eye sees.
* The comparison object for the improvement of native dynamic range is the previous generation IMX989 sensor.
Native dynamic range improvement*
9.5 times
The second-generation one-inch sensor
Sony's LYT-900
displays the beauty of light and shadow layer by layer.
The second generation stepless variable aperture
follows changes in light and follows your expression
The brand-new twelve-sided aperture device is variable in 1024 levels and is like a biological pupil. It can quickly sense changes in light,
accurately control thousands of lights and shadows, and capture dazzling twelve-sided stars. If you want to take good pictures, just take pictures casually.
If you want "the subject to shock people's hearts", adjust the aperture to f/1.63 to make the background blur effect more obvious.
If you want to see the "story in the background" clearly, adjust the aperture to f/4.0 for a clearer and sharper image.
If you want to have a "dazzling starlight", it is recommended to use f/2.0 aperture, so that the point light source blooms instantly
* Effective range of automatic stepless adjustment: professional mode / movie mode.
Leica flagship dual telephoto
Minimum focusing distance 10cm
Minimum focusing distance 30cm
No matter far or near, they are all the main focus
75mm Leica floating telephoto
Referring to the structure of professional camera lenses, it adopts a unique floating focus lens group design. The lens is divided into two groups and can be moved internally,
making the focus range from 10cm to infinity. When your needs continue to change, your choices can also be diverse.
When taking pictures from a distance. The floating focus lens group moves forward to achieve infinite focusing distance.
When shooting at a close distance. The floating focus lens group moves backward to achieve a minimum focus of 10cm.
Shooting close-ups of objects is still far beyond imagination
Even if you look closely, the fineness of the work is still impressive.
Local details are clearly visible, and the overall performance is much clearer.
Looking from a distance and looking up close, it’s like a double mirror
120mm Leica close-up telephoto
Capture distant scenes with lossless zoom within 10x
for extraordinary resolution
Super large viewing angle
and stunning performance
122° Leica ultra-low distortion wide angle
Using a large aperture of f/1.8, the image clarity is significantly improved.
It also adopts a native optical low-distortion design and powerful image field
distortion control to ensure the expressiveness of the image.
AI large model computational photography architecture
imaging capabilities, all-dimensional leap
New Xiaomi AISP
The powerful computing power of 60 TOPS not only gives computational photography large-scale model
computing power, but also provides ultra-high throughput capabilities for the entire imaging system.
Fusion Optical Large Model
Fully linear brightness alignment, merging up to 8 
RAW images into huge
raw data of up to 21 bits, including a dynamic
range of more than 16EV.
tone large model

Tone mapping is performed on the original data in the brightness space to strictly ensure the linear
relationship between tones, making the synthesized picture less prone to artifacts and
eliminating "fake at first glance".
color model

Based on the original RAW data, the color information of each pixel is accurately analyzed , and the ultra-wide color gamut of the camera system is restored to pixel color
in a way that conforms to human eye perception , making the picture more realistic.

portrait large model
Finely optimize the portrait subject,
model and simulate the light path and bokeh shape of the physical lens on the portrait background
, imitate the operation method of professional retouchers in portrait retouching, and systematically
reconstruct portrait photography .
* "AISP" stands for "AI Large Model Computational Photography Architecture", that is, Artificial Intelligence Signal Processor.
Master Portrait full focus
Realize three-dimensional light and shadow, present true depth of field, and retain skin details
The new "Master Portrait" gives the face sufficient exposure and makes the skin color appear more natural and accurate.
Leica optics are used to restore more details on the face, avoiding unnatural textures caused by over-sharpening algorithms and
avoiding smoothing out details due to over-aggressive noise reduction algorithms.
At the same time, "Master Portrait" will present a natural optical depth-of-field effect and exquisite spatial gradation.
Even at the interface between the portrait and the background, the layering is particularly delicate and outstanding. The prominent subject and
the right degree of background blur make the overall image look clear and full of story.

Outstanding performance under complex lighting conditions
The excellent large portrait model can intelligently cope with many complex lighting environments,
allowing you to better restore the original lighting effects on your face and present realistic texture and color.
* The full focal length "Master Portrait" refers to the portrait focal lengths of 23mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm.
Three new superpowers
beyond what you see and imagine
* The default photo shooting refers to the zoom range of 0.5-1.4x.
* In portrait mode, turn off the HDR function and continuously tap the shutter button to take continuous high-quality snapshots.
Ultra Snap super snap
The default photography and portrait capture capabilities have been greatly improved. Even if 150 photos are taken continuously*,
the complete algorithm can still be maintained and the image quality remains clear.
Ultra Raw Super Film
Adobe laboratory calibration, based on a linear image processing process, achieves up to 16-bit RAW format photo shooting,
fuses optical raw data, far exceeds the upper limit of single-frame RAW shooting capabilities, and provides professional photographers with extraordinary image quality and an excellent post-production starting point.
Ultra Zoom AI super telephoto
From 30x to 120x, digital zoom is used, combined with the powerful computing power of AI,
to enrich the otherwise invisible details in the photo, making the periscope function more practical.
Full-link Leica professional experience
Leica Professional Street Photography Mode 2.0
is fleeting and available with just a raise of your hand
Every moment on the street may be a classic that cannot be missed. Leica's professional street photography mode is not only surprisingly fast,
but also upgraded to cover six classic focal lengths (23mm / 28mm / 35mm / 50mm / 85mm / 135mm),
helping you capture more masterpieces in an instant.
* To achieve hyperfocal distance shooting, you need to select the main camera, aperture f/4.0, and focus distance 5m.
* Double-click the volume down button and it will take 0.7 seconds from startup to shooting, which requires system settings - Rapid Camera to be on.
0.7s quick start
After double-clicking the volume down button, everything from startup
to taking pictures is done in one go.
Hyperfocal shooting
Let out of focus become the fastest focusing.
Set the focus distance in advance ( 
five levels of 0.6m / 1m / 2m / 3m / 5m), and
the picture will be taken instantly by raising your hand.
Super viewfinder
Simulates the classic rangefinder frame of Leica cameras
to facilitate prediction when capturing photos.
kona leather protective caseProfessional photography handle (including lanyard)67mm filter adapter ringdecorative ringProfessional photography package instructions (including three packs)
*Professional Imaging Package must be purchased separately.
Professional photography kit,
a good partner for street photography
Leica dual image quality
reshapes texture aesthetics
Leica classic image quality
and authentic Leica experience
Give you three-dimensional tones and immersive colors. The tone is continuous and complete, the contrast is strong, and the style is obvious.
The colors are close to real expression, and the imaging has a sense of story.

Cutting-edge expression based on Leica's tradition of vivid graphics
The overall tone is brighter, focusing on creating a warm atmosphere. The color saturation is high and the image is more eye-catching.
Leica’s customized photography style* allows you to create aesthetics that fit your heart
On the basis of tone, hue, and texture, a new saturation adjustment is added, so you can get your preferred image quality at will, and you can
also save, import, and share your favorite photography style.
* Leica's custom photography style needs to be turned on in "Professional Mode".
Cinematic professional video
Professional video specifications
make your work shine
Video is undergoing an amazing revolution. Not only does it support 8K video recording at all focal lengths, but the main camera is even more special.Added 4K 120fps high-speed shooting, which can be adjusted to 5x slow motion in post-production. At the more
commonly used 4K resolution, you can have powerful 4K 60fps full-focus zoom
capabilities, and even better, Dolby Vision shooting capabilities up to 4K 60fps* are also at
your disposal.
Film-level image stabilization at all focal lengths
The EIS algorithm is optimized to simulate the lens movement of a film-level stabilizer
, helping you achieve a more consistent
push-pull-pan shooting technique.
*Only the main camera supports 4K 60fps Dolby Vision shooting.
director mode
Professional movie machine interface, professional parameter control, not only supports
multi-machine joint recording, but also enables 10bit LOG mode to obtain a
larger dynamic range.
Master LUTs
Together with the masters, we have 4 new LUTs, Chixia Red,
China Red, Yuanshan Qing, and Tai Chi Ink, which provide
richer tones and levels, giving you more choices for creation.
The master starts shooting
to give you a movie-level sense of hierarchy
The new "Master Starts Shooting" HDR high dynamic video can easily record more light and dark details,It can also be presented in a high dynamic manner on an HDR screen, with softer tones, richer layers, and more
textured skin tone restoration. It is close to human eye perception and at the same time, it deeply restores the film-like image quality style in image quality adjustment
, leaving you with full professional post-production space.
Highly dynamic 4-MIC array
preserves spatial surround sound for video
Equipped with four studio-level MEMS high signal-to-noise ratio microphones, it uses 4-MIC spatial information and algorithm processing to
accurately present the spatial orientation of the sound. Even better, it can also help you link the camera to realize that the human voice becomes louder as the portrait is enlarged,
and it can also track the focused person in the picture and perform directional sound pickup.
Flagship large screen refreshed
2K super visual sense screen
with professional primary colors
that are eye-catching and eye-friendly
The 6.73″ congruent depth slightly curved screen, 2K resolution, 68.7 billion colors, precise color accuracy, and
delicate light and shadow performance make a huge difference in daily use or creative experience.
3200 x 1440
C8 luminescent material
Brighter and more energy-saving
Professional eye protection screen
DC+1920Hz PWM dimming*
Dolby Vision
HDR high dynamic range
color depth
Professional primary colors
Matching and adjustment based on human visual characteristics
Adaptive refresh rate
* High brightness DC dimming, low brightness 1920Hz PWM dimming.
TÜV Rheinland Hardware Level Low Blue Light Certification
TÜV Rheinland Rhythm-Friendly Certification
TÜV Rheinland Flicker-Free Certification
Congruent depth and micro-curved screen
combines the advantages of straight curved screen
The heart of the strong
is surging
CPU overall performance 
GPU performance 
AI performance 
TSMC process
Ultra-high-speed data transfer
Read speeds up to 4GB/s
UFS 4.0
* The test results come from Xiaomi Lab, and the AI ​​performance improvement test results come from Qualcomm’s official data, and
  the comparison object is the second-generation Snapdragon 8.
The flagship performance of the third-generation Snapdragon® 8 mobile platform
exceeds imagination
TSMC’s 4nm process adopts a new architecture to stimulate strong performance, focusing on
optimizing energy efficiency to control power consumption. Even if you have a severe experience, you can handle it easily.
The water dissipation level of the dual-circuit annular cold pump cooling system
is far beyond ordinary
It is equipped with a dual-channel annular cold pump and adopts an innovative parallel steam channel design
to achieve distributed and independent heat dissipation of the processor and camera module without interfering with each other.
It can not only effectively reduce the CPU core temperature, but also better release the camera performance.
It calmly handles heavy-duty scenarios such as continuous creation, high-definition video recording, and large-scale games.
The 5300mAh Xiaomi Jinshajiang battery
can be used as you like and is very durable.
Jointly developed a silicon-carbon anode high-energy-density and long-life battery with an energy density of up to 779Wh/L and
a capacity of ≥80% after 1,600 cycles*. The battery life is also exceptionally strong, making daily experience or creative use
more flexible.
Energy tank technology
2376 directional energy slots
increase energy density
Increased battery life*
Bionic self-healing elastic barrier
Adapts to material's 2x volume expansion
to extend battery life
*The data comes from Xiaomi laboratory, and the specific data may be slightly biased due to different test environments.
* Battery life increased by 60%. The comparison object is Xiaomi 13 Ultra.
Xiaomi Pengpai battery management system
90W Xiaomi ThePaper wired second charge
80W Xiaomi ThePaper wireless second charge
Xiaomi ThePaper P2 charging chip and Xiaomi ThePaper G1 battery management chip work together
to improve battery life. At the same time, it can accurately estimate the usable battery life and
intelligently extend battery life based on big data analysis.
* Data comes from Xiaomi Lab, 35 minutes to charge to 100%, in fast mode + screen off + using Xiaomi 90W wired charging set;
49 minutes to charge to 100%, in fast mode + screen off + Using Xiaomi 80W lift-type air-cooled wireless charger, the specific data may be slightly biased due to different test environments.
* 90W Xiaomi Pengpai wired instant charging needs to be used with Xiaomi’s wired charging set of the same power.
* 80W Xiaomi Pascal Wireless Instant Charging needs to be used with Xiaomi 80W lift-type air-cooled wireless charger. When used with other wireless chargers, the charging power may be reduced.
90W Xiaomi Pascal wired fast charging
Charge to 100%*
80W Xiaomi Pascal Wireless Second
Charging Fast Mode
Charge to 100%*
Flagship experience, outstanding technology

Enjoy unlimited two-way satellite communications
When there is no terrestrial network, Tiantong satellite communication* can be used to make and answer
satellite calls, receive and send satellite messages. In an emergency, it can also help
you quickly get in touch with the outside world, giving you an extra layer of safety protection.
* The satellite communication function needs to be opened for the operator's satellite-related business, and the details are subject to the local operator's deployment and actual business.
To ensure flight safety, please do not use satellite communication related functions during the flight.
* Two-way satellite communication function is only supported by telecommunications.

satellite signal amplifier
Exquisitely fits Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s antenna architecture,
significantly improving antenna performance by 129%*
* Satellite signal amplifier needs to be purchased separately.
* Improved antenna performance by 129%. Comparison object is Xiaomi 14 Ultra without satellite signal amplifier.
*The data comes from Xiaomi laboratory, and the specific data may be slightly biased due to different test environments.
Signal capability jumps in all dimensions
Exquisite antenna design, naturally strong signal
High performance
antenna group
The ultra-large antenna radiation area and
stronger reception capability bring
a more stable and smooth experience.
low-frequency 4Rx design
Strong penetration and wide coverage.
Self-developed antenna switching algorithm, intelligent
adjustment of low power consumption/high performance mode.
* Specifically refers to 5G low-frequency bands n5 / n8 / n28a.
circularly polarized antenna
Cooperating with the disturbance of the fuselage and other antennas,
the signal is transmitted in a spiral manner, which
greatly improves the long-distance transmission capability and
better realizes satellite communication.
Xiaomi Pengpai T1
signal enhancement chip is strengthened
and strengthened
Xiaomi 14 Ultra is equipped with two Xiaomi Pascal T1 signal enhancement chips.
One controls the satellite antenna to improve antenna performance; the other controls Wi-Fi 
and cellular antennas, improving performance by 16%-37%*.
*The data comes from Xiaomi laboratory, and the test room temperature is about 25°C. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc.
Fight against accidents and become better at it
IP68 dustproof and waterproof, no fear of splashing, and can easily handle emergencies.
Daily use becomes more comfortable, and image creation becomes more carefree.
* Xiaomi 14 Ultra is splash-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof, and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions to achieve an IP68 rating under the IEC 60529 standard (maximum depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes) . Splash-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof functions are not permanently effective, and the protective performance may decrease due to daily wear and tear.
Do not charge your phone when it is wet. Damage caused by immersion in liquid is not covered by the warranty.
Dolby Atmos
stereo dual speakers
Flagship-level stereo dual speakers, excellent audio resolution, bring pure treble,
rich bass, delicate, lifelike, full sound quality, pleasing to the ear and heart.
Wi-Fi 7, high-speed, energy-saving 
and smooth acceleration
MultiLink X
Link real-time calculation engine 3.0, composite link construction,
accurate environmental interference perception, intelligent network parameter optimization,
network call lag reduction by 20%*
Wide coverage
Supports dynamic narrowband and redundant data transmission technology.
Compared with Wi-Fi 6, the signal range is increased by 30%*
Long-distance network connection is more stable
Support new channel aggregation technology to improve data throughput
in complex wireless network environments
Low latency
Supports new MLO technology, chip-level dual-band concurrent
non-inductive switching, the lowest delay channel
average delay is reduced by 28% compared to Wi-Fi 6*
Low power consumption
Chip LPPT technology
reduces power consumption by up to 10%*
high rate
5G + 5G dual Wi-Fi
HBS high-frequency concurrency technology
peak rate 4.3Gbps
* The comparison object for reduced network call lag and reduced power consumption is Xiaomi 13 Ultra.
*The data comes from Xiaomi Lab. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc.

Create a "Full Ecosystem for People, Cars and Homes" operating system with a people-centered approach
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