Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro 12GB+256GB Black CN-Global

Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro 12GB+256GB Black CN-Global

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A masterpiece that will bring you something new.

Inheriting Leica's professional optical design and
equipped with a new generation Summilux lens,
it captures real light and shadow in an instant with extraordinary imaging power.
The third-generation Snapdragon® 8 mobile platform delivers stunning performance and lightweight release.
The congruent deep and slightly curved screen breaks through the limitations of traditional forms and is full but not overflowing.
There is also a brand new Xiaomi Pengpai OS, which is people-centered and
creates a "full ecological system for people, cars and homes".

Xiaomi 14 Pro
is beyond flagship, beyond expectations.
Leica triple camera
Summilux lens
Professional Leica optics,
ultra-large aperture
, nano-level lens precision,
full-time capture,
full-link Leica creative experience
1024-level variable aperture main camera
Like biological pupils, it senses light changes
between f/1.42 - f/4.0, and automatically adjusts steplessly*
* Effective range: professional mode / movie mode
Congruent depth slightly curved screen
The ultra-narrow bezel
screen is full and flexible, giving a full but not overflowing
straight-screen look. The curved touch screen
prevents accidental touches and is closer to the ear.
New Xiaomi Dragon Crystal Glass
10 times stronger*
Clear and transparent, strong and wear-resistant
*Compared to Xiaomi 13 Pro.
3rd Generation Snapdragon® 8 Mobile Platform
Powerful performance,
completely transformed performance, improved energy efficiency, and everything can be done with ease
Xiaomi ring-shaped cold pump cooling system
2K super visual sense screen
3000nit peak brightness*
Professional primary colors, restoring the photographer’s intention
TÜV Rheinland triple certification
* When playing HDR content under strong light, the small window fires.
Light Hunter 900
image sensor
Super dynamic images, capturing more light and shadow,
dual native ISO Fusion Max,
single frame up to 14bit RAW

Create a "Full Ecosystem for People, Cars and Homes" operating system with a people-centered approach
4880mAh high-power
Xiaomi Pengpai battery management system
Xiaomi ThePaper P2 fast charging chip
Xiaomi ThePaper G1 battery management chip
120W + 50W Xiaomi ThePaper instant charge
Innovative technology is used to optimize the multi-layer stress of the panel and improve its plasticity, allowing the four sides and corners to be bent at
equal depths to form a coherent and beautiful arc, like water at the mouth of a cup without overflowing, with great tension and beauty.
The innovative form
combines the advantages of straight and curved screens
to refresh the senses.
Ultra-narrow vision and four equal sides
bring a straight-screen look and feel
When the phone is turned on, almost the entire surface is a screen, which
has a great visual impact. The image appears as if
it is floating on the surface of the screen, and when viewed from a wide angle,
it feels even more frameless.
Symmetrical golden arcs on the front and back
give you a curved screen feel
As soon as you start it, you will feel as smooth as a pebble,
and you will enjoy smooth sliding on the screen.
Streamlined, close to the ear and skin-friendly,
you can always feel comfortable even during long calls.
Say goodbye to accidental touches
and experience whatever you want
Self-developed AI algorithm and multi-sensor collaboration
accurately prevent accidental touches while ensuring
screen edge sensitivity,
making the experience as smooth as you like.
Xiaomi Longjing Glass
develops excellent skills from the inside out
After the interior of the glass is crystallized at high temperature, a nanoceramic phase is produced, forming a dense and interlocking crystal structure, thereby improving the strength.
By controlling the size and consistency of the crystal size to ensure transmittance, and then superimposing the dual-ion tempering process, the
surface hardness is further improved. The screen glass is both clear and transparent, strong and wear-resistant, making you feel more at ease at all times.
10 times*
Improved material strength
* The comparison object of the 10 times improvement in material strength is the screen material of Xiaomi 13 Pro.

Simplicity and exquisiteness emerge one after another
Velvet glass, gentle and skin-friendly
rock green
Ultra narrow bezelExquisite metal vertical edgefront-to-back symmetryParis stud texturestarry sky design
Ultra narrow bezelHigh gloss metal edgefront-to-back symmetryParis stud texturestarry sky design
Ultra narrow bezelExquisite metal vertical edgefront-to-back symmetryParis stud texturestarry sky design
The titanium special edition
is a leap of inspiration and has extraordinary texture.
Double-sided Xiaomi Dragon Crystal Glass
The back panel is made of the same technologically innovative material as the screen,
taking both texture and durability to a new level.
Titanium middle frame
It is made of aerospace-grade 99% high-purity titanium and high-strength aluminum alloy materials, which are precision compounded and integrated
into one body. It not only brings comprehensive protection, but also has an outstanding feel.
sunrise halo starry sky design
On top of the gray tone, orange is embellished with clever ideas,
echoing each other, naturally releasing infinite artistic conception.
Three Leica Master lenses
are professional and outstanding again and again
Leica super dynamic main camera
Light Hunter 900 image sensor
ƒ/1.42 - ƒ/4.0 1024-step variable aperture
23mm equivalent focal length
2.4μm Fusion large pixel
OIS optical image stabilization
Leica 75mm floating telephoto
40 million pixels (photography mode) *
50 million pixels (portrait mode) *
floating focus lens group
ƒ/2.0 large aperture
75mm equivalent focal length *
10cm super close-up
OIS optical image stabilization
Leica 115° ultra wide angle
50 million pixels
ƒ/2.2 aperture
14mm equivalent focal length
5cm super macro
* 40 million effective pixels (photography mode); 50 million total pixels (portrait mode).
  The number of pixels used in actual photos and videos is slightly different due to different modes, please refer to the actual situation.
* 75mm default equivalent focal length (photography mode); 67mm physical equivalent focal length (portrait mode).
New Leica Optics Summilux Lens
Master Class High Speed ​​Lens
Integrate the innovative concept of mobile imaging into Leica professional optics to achieve an extraordinary combination of mechanical precision and optical precision, improving lens quality from the source.
Each frame of image is endowed with professional and in-depth light and shadow expression and capture capabilities. Not only is the performance outstanding in backlight, dark light and other environments, but the ability to freeze images instantly is even more extraordinary.
high lens lens
ultra-low reflective optical coating
inking technology
Spin coating process 
IR filter
Leica super dynamic main camera
Light Hunter 900 image sensor
is specially customized for Summilux lenses
high dynamic range
Outsole photosensitive element
Fusion of large pixels
Harness thousands of lights and shadows
to control ever-changing moments
The new 14-bit sensor, ultra-high dynamic range, and faster HDR shooting speed can achieve outstanding light and shadow effects
even in sports scenes , with clear and ghostless images.
What's even better is that you can accurately view high-dynamic images before taking pictures, and
finely control the final effect of the film.
1024-level variable aperture
controls light quickly and meticulously
The aperture device has been upgraded to six blades, like a biological pupil, which senses light changes and
automatically adjusts steplessly* from f/1.42 to f/4.0 to accurately
respond to various environments and quickly retain more real and delicate light and shadow for you.
When adjusting to the large aperture of f/1.42, the background blur effect becomes more obvious, and
the subject presentation becomes more shocking.
When adjusting to the small aperture of f/4.0, the image will be clearer and sharper,
helping you see the story in the background clearly.
Let the light source turn into a dazzling star
Thanks to the light diffraction effect caused by the six blades, it can also generate a special dazzling starburst* when shooting point light sources, making your image creation more aura.
* Effective range of automatic stepless adjustment: professional mode / movie mode.
*For starburst effect, it is recommended to shoot with f/2.0 aperture.
Faster to 0.8s
. Leica Professional Street Photography Mode:
If you encounter the unforeseen, you can take a picture as soon as you encounter it.
The fun of life is often hidden in random moments.
The new Leica professional street photography mode is not only surprisingly fast, but also prepares you in advance so that
you can quickly leave commendable masterpieces as soon as you see them.
After double-clicking the volume down button, everything
from startup to taking pictures is done in one go.
Hyperfocal shooting
Let out of focus become the fastest focusing.
Set the focus distance in advance (four levels of 0.6m / 1m / 2m / 3m),
and the photo will be taken instantly by raising your hand.
Parameters reserved

It can automatically memorize exposure compensation, focal length, filters and other settings according to your adjustments .
*The hyperfocal distance is 3m.
* Double-click the volume down button and it will take 0.8 seconds from startup to shooting. System settings are required - Rapid Camera is on.
Leica 75mm floating telephoto
Close-up shots with unique impact
No matter far or near, I am better at portraits.
Photographed from a distance.
The floating focus lens group moves forward to achieve infinite focusing distance.
One lens
has unlimited possibilities
Referring to the structure of professional camera lenses,
it adopts a unique floating focus lens group design.
The lens is divided into two groups and can be moved internally,
so that the focus range ranges from 10cm
to infinity, allowing for long-distance and close-up shots.
Take a close up shot.
The floating focus lens group moves backward to achieve the closest focus of 10cm.
The newly upgraded HDR algorithm is used to optimize
the skin texture of the character's face under backlight, making it appear more realistic and natural.
The background blur also adopts a quasi-optical simulation lens-like effect,
giving the overall photo a large-scale texture.
Leica's high-quality portrait
shots taken against the light are also lifelike
Just take a shot and it will appear blurred like a DSLR,
highlighting important elements and expressing extraordinary moments.
Leica 115° ultra wide angle
As soon as the field of vision is opened, tension rushes into the face
The extraordinary sense of space can easily bring out a strong visual effect of far and near contrast, allowing ordinary scenes to show extraordinary expressive effects.
Xiaomi Imaging Brain
helps instant expression, taking it to the next level
Optimize the underlying architecture, improve the startup speed, photo shooting speed, and night shooting speed, and
multi-dimensionally improve the instant capture of light and shadow. The stories you want to shoot will be saved for you immediately.
Fusion Optics
Comprehensive optical information, spatial fusion,
time fusion, light and shadow fusion,
multi-camera colors are more consistent
color engine
Fit human perception and present real colors
in a human brain bionic way.
Accelerate the engine
Parallel collaboration greatly improves
the smoothness of the entire photo taking process
bionic perception
AI intent recognition,
intelligent recognition of scenes,
targeted optimization of image quality
Ecological engine
Cross-application support,
third-party APP can call
more capabilities
portrait engine
Added new textured portrait unit
and natural environment unit
to improve portrait skin quality and environmental performance
Give your images a Leica flavor
and let Leica have your style
Leica classic image quality
and authentic Leica experience
Give you three-dimensional tones and immersive colors.
The tone is continuous and complete, the contrast is strong, and the style is obvious.
The colors are close to real expression, and the imaging has a sense of story.

Cutting-edge expression based on Leica's tradition of vivid graphics
The overall tone is brighter, focusing on creating a warm atmosphere.
The color saturation is high and the image is more eye-catching.
Leica’s customized photography style
presentation, it’s up to you
Based on Leica dual image quality, you can independently adjust the photo effects in terms of tone, tone, and texture
to obtain your preferred image quality. You
can also save, import, and share your favorite photography style at will.
* The new Leica custom photography style needs to be turned on in "Professional Mode".
The master lens bag
can adjust the blur for a more unique perspective
The master lens bag
can adjust the blur for a more unique perspective
50mm  classic portrait rotary focus lens
While the subject is clearly outlined, the background is slightly out of focus, creating a romantic feel.
The master lens bag
can adjust the blur for a more unique perspective
75mm  classic portrait lens
The aperture erosion gradually increases, creating a unique spot effect that makes characters stand out.
The master lens bag
can adjust the blur for a more unique perspective
90mm  classic portrait soft focus lens
Large aperture portraits highlight the subject and are suitable for close-ups. The background has a creamy texture like an oil painting.
Leica filters
make an impactful appearance
A variety of Leica filters provide rich color choices,
so that different scenes and different emotions can
be expressed accurately, making your photos more tasteful and
Leica Naturally
Suitable for Portraits
Leica Vivid
specializes in artistic creation
Leica monochrome
narrative is clear and powerful
Leica Monochrome HC
is full of emotions
Leica bleached brown
warm color retro expression
Leica monochrome blue
cold color nostalgic presentation
Movie mode
gives you classic movie frame rates
and new focus transitions
It not only has a wide-screen movie format, but also uses a variable aperture to achieve a shutter speed equivalent to nearly 1/48 second at 24fps,
simulating the human eye's perception of continuous images, and presenting a motion effect that is in line with the visual habits of the human eye.
It can also automatically focus on the main subject of the video, smoothly switching focus and depth of field, bringing a smooth creative experience.
Professional 2K Super Vision Screen’s
Dazzling Performance Reaches New Peaks
The 6.73″ full-depth slightly curved screen, 2K resolution, 68.7 billion colors, and ultra-high definition
bring delicate light and shadow performance, making the daily viewing experience extraordinary.
3200 x 1440
C8 new luminescent material
Brighter and more energy-saving
Professional eye protection screen
DC+1920Hz PWM dimming
Dolby Vision
High dynamic range display
color depth
Adaptive refresh rate
Professional primary color screen
Matching and adjustment based on human visual characteristics
TÜV Rheinland Hardware Level Low Blue Light Certification
TÜV Rheinland Rhythm-Friendly Certification
TÜV Rheinland Flicker-Free Certification
Eye-catching, more eye-friendly
C8 is a new generation of luminescent material with a peak brightness of up to 3000nit*.
With higher luminous efficiency and lower power consumption,
you can see extra clearly when used under sunlight.
TÜV Rheinland triple eye protection certification, reducing harmful blue light by 50%*.
There is also a new rhythm eye protection mode, which
dynamically adjusts the screen color temperature based on the current time and different application scenarios, intelligently protecting your eyesight in real time.
*The data comes from Xiaomi laboratory, and the test room temperature is about 25°C. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc.
* Harmful blue light reduced by 50% compared to E6 luminescent material.
The performance of the third-generation Snapdragon® 8 mobile platform
reaches new heights, and power consumption is at ease
TSMC’s 4nm process adopts a new architecture and
all large, medium and small cores are upgraded. Stimulate strong performance, focus
more on optimizing energy efficiency, and control power consumption calmly. 
Even if you have a severe experience, you can handle it easily.
TSMC process
ultra-high-speed data transmission
UFS 4.0
read speed up to  4GB/s
CPU overall performance +32%
same performance power consumption -34%
Brand new  1+5+2 architecture
beast-level processing speed
GPU performance +34%
same performance power consumption -38%
Graphics processor Adreno™ GPU
desktop-level light and shadow rendering capabilities
AI performance +98%
AI power consumption with the same performance -41%
Powerful intelligent application of images
unleashes the power of image expression
* The power consumption reduction test results for the same performance of CPU, GPU and AI are from Xiaomi Lab. The AI ​​performance improvement test results are from Qualcomm’s official data, and the comparison object is the second-generation Snapdragon 8.
Mi IceLoop 
Xiaomi ring cold pump
is cool in everything
The smooth circulating one-way heat conduction circuit realizes ultra-long distance and efficient heat dissipation.
Under the same area, the equivalent thermal conductivity can be up to three times that of traditional VC,
effectively reducing core temperature. In addition to daily use, it can be used in heavy-
load scenarios such as large-scale games and high-definition video recording. Can also deal with it calmly.
*The data comes from Xiaomi laboratory, and the test room temperature is about 25°C. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc.
*Traditional VC refers to a VC vapor chamber that does not contain a leaf vein structure, is not designed for vapor-liquid separation and one-way communication.
4880mAh high power
120W Xiaomi ThePaper wired second charge
50W Xiaomi ThePaper wireless second charge
Xiaomi's Pengpai battery management system uses three cores to work together to protect battery safety while
giving you a faster smart charging experience.
Fast mode
120W Xiaomi ThePaper wired instant charging 
18 minutes
Charge to 100%
50W Xiaomi Pascal wireless instant charging
40 minutes
Charge to 100%
Battery life DOU
* Data comes from Xiaomi Lab. It takes 18 minutes to charge to 100%, when the screen is off, and when using Xiaomi 120W wired charging set. It takes 40 minutes to
   charge to 100%, when the screen is off, when using Xiaomi 50W charging set. Type air-cooled wireless charger Pro, the specific data may be slightly biased due to different test environments.
* 120W Xiaomi ThePaper wired instant charging needs to be used with Xiaomi’s wired charging set of the same power.
* 50W Xiaomi Pascal Wireless Second Charger needs to be used with Xiaomi 50W vertical air-cooled wireless charger Pro.
* Battery life DOU data comes from Xiaomi laboratory. The test room temperature is about 25℃. The actual situation will be slightly different due to different test environments, test software, etc.
IP68 dustproof and waterproof, no fear of splashing,
so you don’t have to worry about sudden accidents in life, and you
can experience and create more freely.

Multi- dimensional audio experience
Highly dynamic 4-MIC array
recording studio in your phone
Six major algorithm modules can simultaneously capture
spatial sounds in six directions: "up, down, front, back, left, and right." The recording sound quality is as clear as crystal.
Even better, it can also help you link the camera to realize that the human voice becomes louder as the portrait is enlarged,
and it can also track the focused person in the picture and perform directional sound pickup.
Dolby Atmos
stereo dual speakers
Flagship-level stereo dual speakers, excellent audio resolution, bring pure treble,
rich bass, delicate, lifelike, full sound quality, and moving sound.
The anti-leakage independent earpiece
hears it and only tells it to you.
When making calls, use an independent earpiece, which only
emits sound from the narrow slit in the front, so that your voice can be transmitted in secret, ensuring your privacy.
The super large linear motor "1016"
enters the micro-interaction experience
Jointly developed with the "Tsinghua Future Laboratory", the tactile design concept
won the IF DESIGN design award. It is full of vibration and more sensitive and delicate,
making the interactive experience as natural as breathing and taking the experience one step further.
USB 3.2 Gen2
and up to 1TB memory
transfer and storage, fast and worry-free
Whether you want to transfer or keep your works on your phone, it is faster and more convenient.
Now you can spend more time recording and creating.
Theoretical maximum bandwidth improvement
*Comparison object is USB2.0. The data comes from Xiaomi Lab, and the actual situation will vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc.
Wi-Fi is high-speed, energy-saving 
and senseless, a step faster
* The comparison object for reduced power consumption and reduced network call lag is Xiaomi 13 Pro.
*The data comes from Xiaomi Lab. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc.
MultiLink X
Link real-time calculation engine 3.0, composite link building,
accurate environmental interference perception, intelligent network parameter optimization,
network call lag reduction by 20%*
Low power consumption
Chip LPPT technology
reduces power consumption by up to 10%*
high rate
5G + 2.4G dual Wi-Fi
peak rate 3.6Gbps
Low latency
Supports new MLO technology, chip-level dual-band concurrency
non-inductive switching, the lowest delay channel
average delay is reduced by 28% compared to Wi-Fi 6*
Supports new channel aggregation technology for
  complex wireless network environments,
to improve data throughput capabilities
Wide coverage
Supports dynamic narrowband and redundant data transmission technology.
Compared with Wi-Fi 6, the signal range is increased by 30%*
Long-distance network connection is more stable
Faster and more stable
5G network connection
Full band*
low-frequency 4Rx design
Strong penetration and wide coverage.
Self-developed antenna switching algorithm,
intelligent adjustment of low power consumption/high performance mode.
* Specifically refers to 5G low-frequency bands n5/n8/n28 and 4G low-frequency bands b5/b8/b28.
Game Antenna Aesthetics
Aesthetically symmetrical layout of
AI recognition of grip posture and smart selection of better antennas
provide a more stable and smooth gaming experience.
5G dual SIM dual pass
Concurrency/redundancy/master-slave intelligent dual data mode*
improves throughput and reduces latency.
The data master card intelligently switches scenarios, reducing the packet loss rate by 50%*.
* The dual data mode currently supports Xiaomi App Store, some third-party applications, etc.
  If it takes effect, it will consume the data traffic of the secondary card and may involve data traffic charges.
* 50% refers to the improvement compared to without this optimization feature. The data comes from Xiaomi Lab, and
  the specific data may be slightly biased due to different test environments.
5G smart travel
allows you to experience every journey smoothly
The signal is stable when traveling in the countryside, and the network return to the elevator basement is fast;
the subway browsing experience is good, and the high-speed rail mode has fewer lags.
80+ airports at home and abroad are quickly stationed in the network,
the speed is increased by 45%*, and fast roaming in 140+ countries and regions is achieved.
* The comparison object is the network speed without the airport fast network function turned on.
   The data comes from Xiaomi Lab, and the specific data may be slightly biased due to different test environments.
5G intelligent selection algorithm engine
signal map
Cloud side network cell quality map image
end side intelligent decision making optimal network
weak signal prediction
Intelligent sensing in weak signal areas identifies
escape abnormal cells/avoids business abnormalities
Intelligent network scheduling
Integrated network disconnection monitoring, diagnosis and treatment model
improves smooth data experience in all scenarios
People-centered, create a "full ecology of people, cars and homes" operating system
Learn more about
NETWORK Technology GSM / CDMA / HSPA / CDMA2000 / LTE / 5G
LAUNCH Announced 2023, October 26
Status Available. Released 2023, November 01
BODY Dimensions 161.4 x 75.3 x 8.5 mm
Weight 223 g or 230 g (7.87 oz)
Build Glass front, aluminum frame or titanium frame, glass back
SIM Nano-SIM and eSIM or Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
  IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 30 min)
DISPLAY Type LTPO AMOLED, 68B colors, 120Hz, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, 3000 nits (peak)
Size 6.73 inches, 108.9 cm2 (~89.6% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 1440 x 3200 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~522 ppi density)
Protection Xiaomi Longjing Glass
PLATFORM OS Android 14, HyperOS
Chipset Qualcomm SM8650-AB Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (4 nm)
CPU Octa-core (1x3.3 GHz Cortex-X4 & 5x3.2 GHz Cortex-A720 & 2x2.3 GHz Cortex-A520)
GPU Adreno 750
MEMORY Card slot No
Internal 256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 16GB RAM, 1TB 16GB RAM
  UFS 4.0
MAIN CAMERA Triple 50 MP, f/1.4-f/4.0, 23mm (wide), 1/1.31", 1.2µm, dual pixel PDAF, Laser AF, OIS
50 MP, f/2.0, 75mm (telephoto), PDAF (10cm - ∞), OIS, 3.2x optical zoom
50 MP, f/2.2, 14mm, 115˚ (ultrawide), AF
Features Leica lens, Dual-LED dual-tone flash, HDR, panorama
Video 8K@24fps (HDR), 4K@24/30/60fps (HDR10+, 10-bit Dolby Vision HDR, 10-bit LOG), 1080p@30/60/120/240/960fps, 720p@1920fps, gyro-EIS
SELFIE CAMERA Single 32 MP, (wide)
Features HDR, panorama
Video 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60fps, gyro-EIS
SOUND Loudspeaker Yes, with stereo speakers
3.5mm jack No
  24-bit/192kHz audio
COMMS WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6e/7, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth 5.4, A2DP, LE, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive
Positioning GPS (L1+L5), GLONASS (G1), BDS (B1I+B1c+B2a), GALILEO (E1+E5a), QZSS (L1+L5), NavIC (L5)
Infrared port Yes
Radio No
USB USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2, OTG
FEATURES Sensors Fingerprint (under display, optical), accelerometer, proximity, gyro, compass, barometer, color spectrum
BATTERY Type Li-Po 4880 mAh, non-removable
Charging 120W wired, PD3.0, QC4, 100% in 18 min (advertised)
50W wireless, 100% in 40 min (advertised)
10W reverse wireless
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