Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra  16GB+1TB White CN (Google play store installed, English menu)


4 999AED

Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra  16GB+1TB Black CN


4 999AED

Leica All-Star Quad
Camera Leica Optics Summilux Lens
Xiaomi Dragon Armor Architecture|Xiaomi Dragon Crystal
Professional 2K Super Vision Screen|Full Deep Micro-curved Screen
Third Generation Snapdragon® 8 Mobile Platform|Dynamic Performance Scheduling 4.0
LPDDR5X + UFS 4.0 + FBO Renewal Storage
5300mAh Xiaomi Jinshajiang Battery
Dual-circuit Ring-Pump Cooling System
90W Xiaomi ThePaper Wired Second Charge
80W Xiaomi ThePaper Wireless Second Charge
Two-way Satellite Communication
Stereo Dual Speakers
IP68 Dustproof and Waterproof*
physical dimension
Length: 161.4mm
Width: 75.3mm
Thickness: 9.2mm
Weight: 224.4g (black, white), 229.5g (dragon crystal blue), 229.6g (titanium special edition)
*The above data is Xiaomi laboratory test data. Actual results may be slightly different depending on different measurement methods in the industry.
Memory Capacity
16GB+1TB Maximum optional
running memory: 12GB / 16GB LPDDR5X high-speed memory (8533Mbps)
Body storage: 256GB / 512GB / 1TB UFS 4.0 high-speed storage
* The actual available capacity will be reduced and vary due to many factors: because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual available space is less than the marked memory capacity; because the installation of the operating system
and pre-installed programs occupies part of the flash memory (ROM) ), the actual available storage space is less than the marked flash memory capacity.
mobile platform
Third-generation Snapdragon® 8 mobile platform SoC process: TSMC 4nm process CPU frequency: eight-core processor, maximum frequency 3.3GHz GPU : Adreno GPU graphics processor AI: Qualcomm AI engine

screen display
6.73-inch 2K AMOLED super visual sense screen
type: full depth micro-curved screen
resolution: 3200 x 1440
display frame rate: up to 120Hz
touch sampling rate: up to 240Hz
instantaneous touch sampling rate: up to 2160Hz*
color gamut: supports P3 wide Color gamut
peak brightness: 3000nit

professional primary color screen|LTPO丨12bit丨DCI-P3|Classic eye protection/rhythm eye protection|Super dynamic display|Front and rear dual light sense|Sunshine screen|
Auto brightness 2.0|AI master image quality engine|Ultra-thin Under-screen fingerprint | Dark light unlock | Heart rate detection | Wet hand touch | Adaptive ultra-sensitive touch*
HDR10+ | HDR Vivid | Dolby Vision
glass cover: Xiaomi Longjing Glass
* The 2160Hz instantaneous sampling rate only takes effect in some games, please refer to the actual system support for details.
* Adaptive ultra-sensitive touch: It can be triggered after wearing gloves, and the sensitivity is 130% higher than the previous generation.
Battery life and charging
5300mAh(typ) / 5180mAh(min)
built-in single-cell high energy density silicon carbon battery, non-removable
USB Type-C double-sided charging interface
mobile phone supports QC4 / QC3+ / QC3.0 / QC2.0 / PD3.0 / PD2. 0 Fast charge protocol/MI FC 2.0 fast charge
90W Xiaomi ThePaper wired second charge/80W Xiaomi ThePaper wireless second charge
imaging system
Leica Optical Full-Focal Quad Camera with
One-inch Variable Aperture Main Camera: 50MP|Sony's LYT-900 Image Sensor|Large Photosensitive Element|
f/1.63 - f/4.0 Stepless Variable Aperture|23mm Equivalent Focal Length|Supports Four-in-One 3.2 μm large pixel output |
HyperOIS super optical image stabilization | Octa-PD phase focusing | 8P coated

Leica floating telephoto: 50MP | Sony's IMX858 | f/1.8 aperture | 75mm equivalent focal length | Support OIS optical image stabilization | 10cm macro

Leica close-up Telephoto: 50MP|Sony's IMX858|f/2.5 aperture|120mm equivalent focal length|Supports OIS optical image stabilization|Supports
Zoom EIS image stabilization|30cm Telephoto macro

Leica ultra-low distortion wide angle: 50MP|Sony's IMX858|f/1.8 aperture | Equivalent 12mm focal length | 122° ultra-wide viewing angle |
AF autofocus | 5cm super macro

Leica native dual image quality | Movie mode | Dolby Vision | Master portrait | Master start shooting | Master LUTs | Everything tracking | Sound source tracking |
Radio type|Sports capture|Ultra RAW|Professional mode|Document mode|Super night scene 2.0|50M ultra clear|Panorama|Microfilm|
Slow motion shooting|Time-lapse photography|Cute shooting|AI watermark|Long exposure|Super moon|Street photography |Director mode|Multiple cameras running at the same time|AI camera|
Portrait blur adjustment|AI beautification|ID card copy mode|Voice subtitles|Video beautification|Video super anti-shake|Dynamic photos|Countdown photo|
Level meter|Timed continuous shooting| Face detection | HDR | Voice-activated camera

8K Video capture: 24/30fps
4K Video capture: 24/30/60/120fps
1080P Video capture: 30/60fps
720P Video capture: 30fps

4K Time-lapse photography: 30fps
1080P Time-lapse photography: 30fps
720P time-lapse photography: 30fps
one-inch variable aperture main camera 1080P slow-motion video shooting: 120/240/480/960/1920fps 720P slow-motion video shooting: 120/240/480/960/1920fps Leica floating telephoto/Leica close-up Telephoto/Leica ultra-low distortion wide-angle 1080P slow-motion video shooting: 120 / 240 / 960fps 720P slow-motion video shooting: 120 / 240 / 960fps front-facing 32 million high-definition camera supports four-in-one 1.4μm large pixel output | 5P | f/ 2.0 aperture | 90° FOV Dolby Vision | Short video recording | Portrait mode | Front and back dual scenes | Time-lapse photography | Cute shots | Voice subtitles | Video filters | Countdown photo | AI smart beauty | Portrait blur adjustment | Dynamic photos丨Timed continuous shooting丨Voice-activated camera front-facing video shooting frame rate 4K Video shooting: 30/60fps 1080P Video shooting: 30/60fps 720P Video shooting: 30fps

network band
5G Dual SIM Card丨Full Netcom 9.0
supports dual Nano-SIM card slots, and can be used in 5G networks regardless of operators ①Supports China Mobile/China Unicom/Telecom/Radio and Television 5G/4G/3G/2G ③Supports dual SIM card dual pass, dual SIM card HD voice supports Tiantong satellite communication

Note ①: Whether 5G is supported depends on the local operator network; when using two telecommunications cards, the non-Internet card needs to be activated for high-definition voice service. If it is not activated or the local network does not support high-definition voice service, it
cannot be used;
Note ②: Radio and television does not support it 2G and 3G networks; Radio and Television does not support MMS services;
Note ③: Does not support TD-SCDMA format (mobile 3G); does not support CDMA 2000 EVDO format (Telecom 3G);
Note ④: Dual SIM dual pass only supports 5G+ in SA mode Some frequency band combinations of 5G and 5G+4G support high-definition voice services of China Mobile/China Unicom/Telecom/Radio and Television. The actual usage depends on the
operator local network and business deployment;
Note ⑤: This function only supports those who have opened Tiantong satellite services Telecom card, actual usage depends on the operator's business deployment.
Support frequency band
5G: n1/n3/n5/n7/n8/n28a (uplink: 703MHz-733MHz, downlink: 758MHz-788MHz)/n38/n40/
Note: Actual network and frequency band Usage depends on local operator deployment. The n3 band needs to be supported by software upgrade after the operator releases it;
4G: FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B18/B19/B26/B28a/B66
TDD- LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/B42/B48
Note: LTE B41 (2496-2690 194MHz).
3G: WCDMA: B1/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
2G: GSM: B3/B5/B8; CDMA 1X: BC0
supports 4×4 MIMO antenna technology/HPUE/HO RxD
data transmission
USB 3.2 Gen2 theoretical maximum 10Gbps
*USB 3 data cable needs to be purchased separately. The data cable in the complete box does not support USB 3 transmission.
Data Connections
WLAN Protocol: Wi-Fi 7, Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 4 and 802.11a/b/g
WLAN Frequency: 2.4G Wi-Fi | 5G Wi-Fi
supports MLO, supports 2x2 MIMO , 8x8 Sounding for MU-MIMO, Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, High Frequency Concurrency Technology
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.4, Dual-Bluetooth
supports SBC/AAC/AptX/AptX HD/AptX Adaptive/LDAC/LHDC 5.0
After activating NFC-related services in the wallet application, you can use the transportation card, Mi Pay, door card, and car key functions by double-clicking the power button.

Transportation card: Supports 300+ cities and supports free migration of 40+ bus cards from old mobile phones to new mobile phones. (The cities supported by transportation cards
vary due to technical conditions, cities, etc., and are subject to actual conditions; the available range of card swiping terminals and ride discounts are subject to announcements by local governments and operating companies.)
Mi Pay: supports online application payment, online Pay by swiping a card, paying with a QR code, or paying with a UnionPay tag. QR code payment supports UnionPay standard QR
code main scanning and scanned payment, Alipay, WeChat and other standard payment QR code main scanning payment.
Door cards: physical door cards, smart door locks, community door cards, custom blank cards. (Only door cards with a frequency band of 13.56MHz can be simulated. Bank cards with door card functions
and door cards with stored value consumption, bus consumption and other functions. Even if the simulation is successful, these cards do not have bank, bus and other functions.)
Car key :Supports mobile phone NFC unlocking, engine starting and other functions.

The specific number of supported cities, city names, banks, number of cards, car key cooperation models, etc. are subject to actual conditions.
For further information, please refer to (https://www.mipay.com)
Navigation and positioning
Beidou: B1I + B1C+ B2a | GPS: L1 + L5 | Galileo: E1 + E5a
GLONASS: G1 | QZSS: L1 + L5 | NavIC: L5
AGNSS | Data network positioning | Wi-Fi network positioning | Sensor-assisted positioning
video audio
Hi-Res & Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification丨Stereo dual speakers|Dolby Atmos丨Spatial audio丨Audio sharing丨Real-time ear monitor丨
WeChat/QQ call recording丨HD recording 2.0
supports high dynamic range display when playing HDR 10, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision video content
Proximity sensor | Under-screen ambient light (color temperature) sensor | Rear ambient light (color temperature) sensor | Acceleration sensor | Gyroscope | Electronic compass |
X-axis linear motor | Infrared remote control | flicker sensor | laser focus sensor | barometer
operating system
Xiaomi HyperOS
packing list
Mobile phone host | Power adapter | USB Type-C data cable | Mobile phone protective case | Screen protector (attached to the phone at the factory) | Pins |
Instructions (including three-guarantee certificate)
*This list only describes the complete machine packaging. Depending on the sales package, the accessory sets provided outside the complete machine packaging are slightly different, which is subject to the user's choice at the time of purchase.
Special note:

*In terms of memory and capacity, the actual available capacity will be reduced and different due to many factors: because the operating system takes up part of the memory (RAM), the actual available space is less than the marked memory capacity; due to the installation of the operating system and pre-installation The program occupies part of the flash memory (ROM), and the actual available storage space is less than the marked flash memory capacity.

*In terms of charging, data such as speed and duration are all data from our laboratory. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test software versions and specific test environments. The actual usage time shall prevail.

*The screen pictures and product description display pictures provided on this website are reference diagrams. The actual situation shall prevail with the actual product.

*Product pictures, models, data, functions, performance, specifications, user interface and other product information are for reference only. Xiaomi may improve the above content. For specific information, please refer to the actual product and product manual. Unless otherwise specified, the data involved in this website are Xiaomi's internal test results, and the comparisons involved are all comparisons with Xiaomi products.

*Xiaomi 14 Ultra is splash-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof, and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions to achieve an IP68 rating under IEC 60529 standard (up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of up to 1.5 meters) . Splash-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof functions are not permanently effective, and the protective performance may decrease due to daily wear and tear. Do not charge your phone when it is wet. Damage caused by immersion in liquid is not covered by the warranty.

*The general mobile phones compared on the page are all Xiaomi's own mobile phones. Unless otherwise specified on the product site, all data provided by our company's laboratory, design technical parameters, and suppliers are used. The actual data on the entire site will vary slightly due to different test software versions, specific test environments, and specific versions. The structural pictures displayed on the entire site are all functional schematics, not the absolute actual structure. The actual product shall prevail.

*Record location information. This information will be visible in the photo folder and photo watermark, and saved in the photo's property information. This feature can be turned off through your device's camera settings.
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