Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro Global [6 months warranty]

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro Global [6 months warranty]

  • 6 months warranty
  • Brand: Xiaomi
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Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro

Thrilling rhythms, magical sound

Buds 3T Pro
Buds 3T Pro

Active noise cancellation up to 40 dB

Thrilling rhythms, magical sound

Buds 3T Pro

Dual magnet emitter coated with DLC

Sensitivity to the finest details

Buds 3T Pro

Hi-Fi sound quality

High definition audio with ultra-low distortion

Buds 3T Pro

Long battery life

Listen to music longer

Buds 3T Pro

Ergonomic design

Close-fitting, light and comfortable

Buds 3T Pro

HRTF Tuning

Studio-level calibration standard

Buds 3T Pro

Dimensional Sound Technology

Immersive sound

Buds 3T Pro

Double transparency mode

Allows you to talk freely
while wearing headphones

Adaptive headphones with up to 40dB ANC
Hear clearer with Intelligent Active Noise Canceling
Clear and great Hi-Fi
sound Powerful cinematic sound with surround sound
New wireless design for rich sound


Sleek design, great sound

The streamlined case, inspired by the design of the Mobius strip, has a sophisticated and elegant style.

Intelligent noise reduction
Suitable for any scenario

Buds 3T Pro


Deep noise reduction up to 40dB

Find peace and quiet on busy streets

The 40 dB noise reduction depth reduces background noise by up to 99%. Block out distractions and create your own world of beautiful sound.



Глубокое шумоподавление до 40 дБ

Обретите тишину и покой на оживленных улицах

Глубина шумоподавления 40 дБ позволяет снизить фоновый шум до 99%. Заблокируйте отвлекающие факторы и создайте свой собственный мир прекрасного звука.


Buds 3T Pro


Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation

Proper Noise Reduction

All-new adaptive noise reduction technology monitors the level and type of ambient noise in real time and automatically selects the appropriate noise reduction mode. It recognizes the sound and understands you even better.

  • Buds 3T Pro

    Metro | Railway stations | Airports

    Deep noise reduction

    Deep noise reduction in a very noisy environment allows you to calmly enjoy the scenery passing by.

  • Buds 3T Pro

    Streets | A cafe

    Balanced noise reduction

    Use balanced noise cancellation in moderately noisy environments to instantly take your mind off the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in a world of quality sound.

  • Buds 3T Pro

    Offices | Libraries

    Light noise reduction

    Filters out keyboard typing, mouse clicks and other machine sounds in a less noisy environment for a more comfortable experience.

Buds 3T Pro


Double transparency mode

Enjoy music and talk freely

In transparency mode, listen to music while retaining ambient sounds. The voice boost mode allows you to have easy conversations even with headphones on.



Режим двойной прозрачности

Наслаждайтесь музыкой и разговаривайте свободно

В режиме прозрачности слушайте музыку, сохраняя при этом окружающие звуки. Режим усиления голоса позволяет вести непринужденные разговоры даже с надетыми наушниками.


Buds 3T Pro


Three-microphone call noise reduction

Smoother and clearer conversation

Feedback, directional, and call microphones work together to accurately separate background noise and voices, making conversations clearer.

Buds 3T Pro

Hi-Fi sound quality
Enjoy immersive and wonderful sound


Dual Magnetic DLC Speaker

Super sensitive dynamic transducer for full-bodied, resonant sound

Dual neodymium magnets and a high hardness DLC diaphragm greatly increase the dynamic sensitivity, making the finest sound details reach your ear.

Buds 3T Pro


Detail and better treble

Buds 3T Pro

Powerful double neodymium magnets

Reducing magnetic leakage

Buds 3T Pro

Super hard coated membrane

Diamond-like carbon with high hardness

Buds 3T Pro


Next generation LHDC 4.0 codec
Crystal clear high definition sound

The new generation LHDC 4.0 protocol with HD audio transmission delivers high quality sound. 96kHz high-definition sampling rate and Hi-Fi sound quality provide the best wireless listening experience ever.


High definition audio

THD ≤ 0.08%

Ultra-low end-to-end distortion

Buds 3T Pro


Surround sound technology

Change your listening experience

Traditional stereo sound means listening to sound from the left and right sides only. But with Immersive Sound, sound is now heard from all directions, allowing you to truly experience the elements of the environment. And with the Track Head Movement function, this feeling becomes even more realistic. When you turn your head, the sound stays in the right place, as if you are really walking in nature.



Professional HRTF Tuning

Studio-level calibration standard
Get ready to be blown away by realistic sound

Xiaomi Acoustic Lab's professional tuning using HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) models ensures moderate, accurate and harmonious sound in accordance with the studio level standard. The sound quality will satisfy even the most demanding music professionals.

Buds 3T Pro

Pure high tones

At high frequencies, more detail is retained while unnecessarily harsh sounds are corrected for great music and beautiful sound.

Buds 3T Pro
Buds 3T Pro

Moderate bass tones

Provides a natural, immersive bass experience.

Buds 3T Pro


Recommended by Luca Bignardi.
Sound engineer for the Grammy-winning album "Escucha"

"I really appreciate the high resolution sound reproduction of Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro, allowing me to hear the true details in sound through this high-quality wireless device."



Рекомендует Лука Бигнарди.
Звукорежиссер альбома "Escucha", получившего Грэмми

"Я очень ценю высокое разрешение воспроизведения звука Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro, позволяющее мне услышать истинные детали в звучании через это высококачественное беспроводное устройство".


Buds 3T Pro

Flagship Experience
Sleek, comfortable and snug fit

Buds 3T Pro


Ergonomic design

Lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours

Each earbud weighs only 4.9g, features an ergonomically designed 14-point curved surface that follows the contours of the ear canal, and a crossover design that forms a stable triangle that fits snugly around your ear to prevent slippage during workouts.



Эргономичный дизайн

Легкие и удобные для ношения в течение нескольких часов

Каждый наушник весит всего 4,9 г, имеет эргономичный дизайн с 14 точками изогнутой поверхности, повторяющей контуры ушного канала, а конструкция с пересекающимися центрами тяжести образует устойчивый треугольник, который плотно прилегает к уху, предотвращая выпадение во время тренировок.


Buds 3T Pro

Different sizes of ear tips

For a snug fit to the ear
Comfortable to wear for long periods of time

Buds 3T Pro
Buds 3T Pro
Buds 3T Pro
Buds 3T Pro



Dust and water resistant , ideal for training

High quality liquid silicone material protect your ears. The IP55 rating allows you to enjoy music even while exercising.

Buds 3T Pro
Buds 3T Pro


Ultra-long battery life
Music never stops

Up to 24 hours of playback when used with the charging case. The charging case supports Qi wireless charging protocol, compatible with various chargers.

Up to 6 o'clock

Operating time on a single battery charge

Up to 24 hours

Battery life when paired with charging case



Сверхдлительное время работы от аккумулятора
Музыка никогда не прекращается

До 24 часов в режиме воспроизведения при использовании вместе с зарядным чехлом. Зарядный чехол поддерживает протокол беспроводной зарядки Qi, совместимый с различными зарядными устройствами.

До 6 ч.

Время работы от одного заряда аккумулятора

До 24 ч.

Время работы от аккумулятора в паре с зарядным чехлом


Buds 3T Pro


Smart connection of two devices
MIUI pop-up window for quick pairing

For quick pairing, open the charging case next to your Xiaomi smartphone and tap the pop-up window when it appears. Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro can be connected to two Android, iOS or Windows devices at the same time, so you won't miss phone calls while working on your computer.

Buds 3T Pro
Buds 3T Pro


Button control

Switch and select with a simple touch

With a light touch on the relief area of ​​the smooth, streamlined body of Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro headphones, you can switch modes, pause music or select other functions.

Buds 3T Pro

Press and hold the
left/right earphone

ANC Mode/Transparency Mode

Buds 3T Pro

Click once on the
left/right earphone

Play/pause audio
Answer/end a call

Buds 3T Pro

Click three times

Skip to the previous track

Buds 3T Pro

Click twice

Skip to next track
Reject incoming call



Управление нажатием кнопки

Переключение и выбор простым нажатием

Легким нажатием на рельефную область гладкого обтекаемого корпуса наушников Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro можно переключать режимы, ставить музыку на паузу или выбирать другие функции.

Buds 3T Pro

Нажмите и удерживайте
левый/правый наушник

Режим ANC/режим прозрачности

Buds 3T Pro

Нажмите один раз на
левый/правый наушник

Воспроизведение/пауза звука
Ответ/завершение вызова

Buds 3T Pro

Нажмите три раза

Переход к предыдущей дорожке

Buds 3T Pro

Нажмите дважды

Переход к следующей дорожке
Отклонить входящий вызов


Buds 3T Pro
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