6970492713648 Xiaomi Walkingpad treadmill R2 PRO (max 12km+h)

Xiaomi Walkingpad treadmill R2 PRO (max 12km+h)

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Goldsmith WalkingPad treadmill

Walk and run freely, hard technology, the
whole family starts fitness and light life

Walking and running dual mode | Treadmill 180° fully foldable | 0.11㎡ upright storage | Intelligent foot control

  • Walk and run upright storage

    Three forms freely switch

  • Intelligent foot control speed

    Master fast or slow

  • Treadmill really folded in half

    Quick-release armrest, easy to fold

  • APP Smart Course

    Exclusive personal training, automatic pace

  • IOT linkage

    Intelligent voice control

  • Brushless motors are more trouble-free

    Run safely without disturbing neighbors

The background of the R&D team of the University of Science and Technology of China
82 patent blessings

Note: The rendering is only for the effect, please refer to the actual product.

Exported to 48 countries and regions,
setting off a global home movement frenzy

Walking, knees are not easy to hurt,
running and burning fat fast enough

Note: The armrest is lowered to turn on the walking mode, and the armrest is raised to turn on the running mode.

The whole machine is folded again and again, and the
space is saved again.

The quick release design makes it easy to adjust the height of the armrests, and the unique hinge design allows the treadmill to be folded in half easily.
The simplicity and integration save space, occupying an area of ​​only 0.11 square meters.

Folding design patent number: ZL201721078839.2
Patent type: Chinese utility model patent

Minimalist, harder core

It adopts one-piece aluminum alloy frame design, quiet black spray paint, simple and tough shape,
interpreting the beauty of the balance between design aesthetics and sense of strength.

Smart integration into life,
personal education close at hand

Three small steps of intelligent upgrade, a big step on the road to liberate your hands.
Smart APP exclusive courses will help you take every step of the way to advancement.

  • Intelligent foot control speed

  • Intelligent voice running

  • Smart APP Course

Jiaogan intelligent speed control
speed obey pace

The speed of 6km/h starts in the morning and walks to burn fat, and the speed of 2km/h is for walking and digestion after meals. The pace is controlled by your footsteps.

Note: Foot sensing speed control only supports walking mode, with a speed limit of 6km/h

Xiaodu voice control,
just run, leave the rest to it

Call your smart speaker, start and stop, control the speed, and help you solve it without hands.

Sports comfort, sports enthusiasm

Comfortable, intimate and safe treadmill and running belt design restore the real running experience.

The low-wide treadmill is more
comfortable, and you can run without restraint

610mm, the golden treadmill width similar to the shoulder width, and the low-profile treadmill equipped with 70mm, have a higher safety index.

Shock absorption, noise reduction, anti-static,
elastic running belt, outstanding foot feel

The four-layer professional track-level running layer structure has superior resilience performance, making
it more comfortable to land softly, and every step is light and labor-saving.

Note: The rendering is only for the effect, please refer to the actual product.

Run upstairs with full force,
without interruption downstairs

The high-horsepower and lower-noise brushless motor runs at only 65dB at full speed without load, so you don’t have to worry about complaints when you exercise late at night.

Note: The rendering is only for the effect, please refer to the actual product.

The whole machine is integrated without installation and
disassembly in one step, eliminating installation troubles.

Full of details Carrying the safety of the whole family

  • Storage box mobile phone holder

  • Adjustable armrest height

  • Exquisite remote control direct control

  • Upright storage non-slip

  • Metal safety pedal

  • Novice speed limit

  • Custom speed limit

  • Overload protection

  • Free installation

  • Child lock function

  • Rated power
  • Expanded size
  • Rated voltage
  • Folding size
  • Gross/net weight
  • Sports mode
       running, walking mode
  • Maximum load
  • Running range

Product Features

Folding design, noise reduction, and foot feeling speed control.
Automatic speed control patent technology.
LED display.
Lightweight aluminium alloy frame
Foldable design patent
Intimate moving wheel, easy to move, and save effort.
Comfortable walking platform.

Product Specifications 
Model: R2 Pro
Motor: 1.25 HP ~ 918W DC brushless
Speed range: 0.5~12km/h
Maximum load supported: 110kg
Dimensions when opened: 1478 x 675 x 956 mm
Dimensions when folded: 1000 x 720 x 161.5 mm
Working area: 1200 x 440 mm
Net Weight:  40 kg

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