This contractual Warranty applies only to the hardware components of Xiaomi Product (hereafter “Product”) sold by Miae.Trading store as originally supplied and does not apply to any software or other equipment that are owned by Xiaomi or third parties for which an end-user license agreement or separate warranty/guarantee statements or exclusions are provided or intended to apply.

Encountering a problem with a product purchased from Miae.Trading? Follow these simple steps to claim your warranty:

  1. Record a video capturing the issue you are experiencing with your Xiaomi product.
  2. Write a brief description of the problem and attach it along with the video for preliminary diagnostics.
  3. Carefully pack your product in a box to ensure its safety during transit to our service center.
  4. Once we've completed our diagnostics and confirmed the presence of a manufacturer defect, we will either repair your product or provide a replacement if repairs are not feasible.

Rest assured that our team at Miae.Trading UAE is committed to addressing your concerns and providing a smooth warranty process.




Miae.Trading warrants the original purchaser that your Xiaomi Product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Except otherwise provided by applicable law, the warranty lasts and is provided for 1 year. 

Miae.Trading does not warrant the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free.


If a hardware defect is found and a valid claim is received by Miae.Trading within the Warranty Period, Miae.Trading will either (1) repair the Product at no charge, use new or refurbished replacement parts, (2) replace the Product with a new or refurbished product, or (3) refund the Product, excluding potential shipping costs.

In the event of a defect, to the fullest extent permitted by law, these are your sole and exclusive remedies. Shipping and handling charges may apply except where prohibited by applicable law. Any replacement hardware product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer, or for any additional period of time that may be applicable in your jurisdiction.


In accordance with applicable law, Miae.Trading may require the customer to furnish proof of purchase details and warranty card with IMEI of the Product. It is your responsibility to backup any data, software, or other materials you may have stored or preserved on the product. It is likely that such data, software, or other materials will be lost or reformatted during service, and Miae.Trading will not be responsible for any such damage or loss. Packaging must keep the product safe during shipment between you and service center. All possible damage protsesese transport bears the sender.


Unless otherwise stipulated by Xiaomi, this Limited Warranty applies only to the Product manufactured by or for Xiaomi.

The Limited Warranty does not apply to any: (a) Damage due to acts of nature or God, for example, lightning strikes, tornadoes flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes; (b) Negligence; (c) Commercial use; (d) Alterations or modifications to any part of the Product; (e) Damage caused by use with non-Xiaomi products; (f) Damage caused by accident, abuse, or misuse; (g) Damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses described by Xiaomi or with improper voltage or power supply; (h) Damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Xiaomi or (i) failure to follow instructions relating to the Product's usage.

Recovery and reinstallation of software programs and user data are not covered under this Limited Warranty. No Xiaomi reseller, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this Limited Warranty. If any term is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the legality or enforceability of the remaining terms shall not be affected or impaired.



Except prohibited by applicable law, all implied warranties (including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose) shall be limited to the duration of this limited warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on the duration of an implied warranty, so the above limitation may not apply to you.


Except prohibited by applicable law, Miae.Trading shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits, revenue or data, damages resulting from any breach of express or implied warranty or condition, or under any other legal theory, even when Xiaomi has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

7. Battery

All Xiaomi batteries are covered by a limited warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase. This means that if your Xiaomi product's battery fails to hold a charge or exhibits any other defects within 6 months of your purchase, you may be eligible for a replacement or repair under the terms of the warranty.

It's important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, or normal wear and tear. Therefore, it's crucial that you use your Xiaomi product and its battery as per the manufacturer's instructions to ensure its longevity and performance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the warranty coverage of your Xiaomi product, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are always happy to assist you and provide you with the necessary information and support.





Information on Warranty maintenance

Main unit

The body of the vihecle, engine controller, steering wheel, control panel,

rear hub, brakes, disk brakes (folding) stem, fork, front fork governance system bus controller, 

brake cable.

1 year
Acsessories Battery, Power supply, brake laver, switching gears 6 monthes
Exterior parts

Protection against collision, front headlight, control panel, steering handels, tires, wheels camera, call, mud guard, 

decorative cover, base, battery panel, protective surface, scooter platform, charging port, scooter cap charge

3 monthes

Terms, that are not included in warranty service

1. Completion of service, falling, neglect, abuse, liquid ingress, accident, damage to labels and labeling of devices;

2. The warranty period has expired;

3. Damage, caused by force majeure;

4. Failures, which do not correspond to the "List of faults" of Miae.Trading service center;

List of faults:

a. Incorrect motor operation

b. Problems with operation of the controller

c. Problems with charger

d. Problems with battery

e. In use, the occurrence of cracks, deformation.

5. A failure of the device or its components from the arose in connection with the human factor, and which interfere with normal


6. Failures, that have arisen in connection with the human factors (including, but not limited to, excessive wetting device, puncture, drop. scratch and damage an outer casing, which have arisen as a result of normal use of goods):

7. If this product is used for commercial purposes, all warranty conditions are not maintained.



Item Warranty Period Scope of Warranty Warranty service
Hardware product 1 year Labor and parts Carry in
Xiaomi original battery, adapter and other accessories packaged with the product 6 months Labor and parts Carry in



Item Repair Scope of Warranty Warranty service Warranty Support Document
Mi Band 1 year (excluding strap) Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.
Power bank 6 months Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.
Headphones 6 months Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.
Batteries 6 months Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.
Battery Chargers 6 months Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.
Adapters 6 months Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.
USB Cables 6 months Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.
LED Lights 6 months Labor and parts Carry in Purchase Order No.



We dont provide service for Xiaomi poroducts purchased at other shops, we provide local warranty only for products purchased at http://Miae.Trading



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